Work with the Experts
on Extrusions, Complex Catheters,
and Sheath/Dilator Sets

What sets Teleflex Medical OEM apart from the rest? That would be our vertically-integrated product development and production capabilities, deep expertise, and decades of experience. Partner with us to get your product done and into the market.




  • Global leader in interventional and diagnostic catheters:
  • Vertically integrated, in-house capabilities:
    • Composite and catheter tubing
    • Braid or coil reinforced tubing
    • Variable pitch, continuously braid or coil reinforced tubing
    • Large diameter braided shafts
    • Catheters with steerable, deflectable tips
    • Catheter liners
    • Multi-segment and multi-durometer shafts
    • Standard and embedded marker bands
    • Broad selection of lubricious liners and jacket materials
    • Comprehensive secondary processing technologies


You need to develop and manufacture a new product with fewer resources. Teleflex Medical OEM is the answer. As a vertically integrated supplier, Teleflex Medical OEM has the decades of experience, deep expertise, and extensive, in-house resources to develop and manufacture everything from precision extrusions
to finished medical devices. More »

Download Our Mobile Application for the iPad®. It is an on-the-go, reference guide to our custom-engineered extrusions, catheters, sheath/dilator sets, sutures, performance fibers, and medical devices. The app is now available for FREE download through the Apple App Store® or iTunes®. Use the search term, "Teleflex Medical OEM". Note: The app requires iOS 5.1 or later.

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iPad Application

TFX OEM® PTFE Rotator Lock Introducer features easy-to-activate lock technology that minimizes the risk of dilator rotation, slippage, and push back. More »

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TFX OEM® Over-The-Needle Peelable Introducers — with advanced safety technology— are designed to help reduce the risk of needlestick injury and promote OSHA compliance. No extra steps are needed to ensure safety. More »

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