Balloons and Balloon Catheters

For more than 25 years, we’ve developed innovative, specialized designs for minimally invasive applications. Partner with Teleflex Medical OEM for customized catheters, balloons, and balloon tubing.

Braid/Coil Reinforced Shafts

Some catheter designs can be prone to structural deformation. Control the torque, pushability, steerability and kink resistance of the shafts with custom-engineered reinforcement consisting of braids, coils, or continuous, variable-pitch braids/coil from Teleflex Medical OEM.

Customer Solution Centre

Work smarter. Get your project to market faster. Our Customer Solution Centre offers a focus on user needs, comprehensive concept development capabilities, and a dedication to design for manufacturability and cost containment.



Vertically Integrated Capabilities. Decades of Catheter Experience. Deep Expertise.

  • Think Small. Our micro-catheters, with an OD down to .014” (00.66mm), can be custom-configured to your requirements.
  • Select PTFE for the Catheter Lining to enhance your device’s pushability and lubricity.
  • Next stop: MD&M East in New York City. Let’s meet in booth 1439 to discuss your catheter project. June 13 to 15, 2017.

Complex Catheters Custom-Engineered and Manufactured to Your Precise Specifications

Make your complex catheter concept a reality with Teleflex Medical OEM. We are known across the world as a leader in custom-engineered diagnostic and interventional catheters. Unlike other catheter manufacturers who supply only a few catheter components, Teleflex Medical OEM brings all the latest technologies to your project and can provide everything from extrusions to product assembly to packaging. You have the security of knowing that Teleflex Medical OEM has complete control over each step of product development and manufacturing process and can quickly respond to any immediate need.

Our team of highly-qualified engineers, material and polymer experts, and skilled technicians makes Teleflex Medical OEM stand above the rest. You can count on us to enhance your design, develop functional prototypes, guide you through the maze of global regulations, and scale up for manufacturing. Teleflex Medical OEM offers you a true, full service partnership with the vertically integrated resources to get your project off the drawing board and into the market.

There are plenty of catheter manufacturers in the world. But only Teleflex Medical OEM offers you a winning combination of vertically integrated capabilities, deep expertise, decades of experience, and a history of industry-changing innovations. Let’s work together to create something amazing.

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