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If you can imagine it, you can achieve™ it at any one of our three EPIC Medtec™ Centers. With our towering expertise and extensive capabilities, your great idea can be transformed into a market-ready device. Let’s get to work on your project.

Get To The Future Faster

Collaborate with our expert team. Brainstorm solutions. Utilize our multi-step IDEA Medtec™ Process to build in your requirements early in the concept stage. Result: A strong, well-defined device concept.

Innovation Starts Here

Our purpose-built EPIC Medtec™ Centers are designed to inspire collaboration and innovation. Every detail is in place to specifically meet the device development needs of our OEM partners.

EPIC MedtecTM Centers

This Is Device Development Accomplished In Days…Not Weeks, Months, Or Years

  • Balloon Catheters Are Us. We are your end-to-end solution provider, including extrusion; balloon blowing, folding, and wrapping; and catheter assembly and packaging.
  • Improve Device Performance. Our hydrophilic coating can reduce insertion force and enhance device navigation and placement through tortuous anatomy.
  • We will be looking for you at BIOMEDevice Boston, May 15 and 16, 2019, in Boston, Massachusetts. Meet with us in booth 661.

Welcome To Device Development Reimagined

EPIC Medtec™ Centers: The Benefits Are All Yours

Global Network Of EPIC Medtec™ Centers

Catheters and Devices

Sutures and Fibers

“EPIC Medtec™ Centers” brochure, read online or download a PDF.

Together We Transform Ideas Into Devices

You have a great idea for a medical device. You know what the device needs to do. But your R&D resources are involved with other projects; or you may need insight or unbiased opinion of a device’s design for manufacturability. Teleflex Medical OEM has you covered with our comprehensive
capabilities, deep expertise, and decades of experience.

Working together at one of our EPIC (Engineering, Prototyping, Innovation, Collaboration) Medtec™ Centers, we can identify challenges and find answers, while controlling design concept development and production costs. After the concept stage is completed, you can rely on us to take your idea through every phase of development and production.

Work Smarter: 60% Of A Device’s Cumulative Lifetime Cost Is Committed By The Architectural Phase*

Our EPIC Medtec™ Centers provide the help you need to reduce project risk and build a device using proven, in-house capability platforms. You will work directly with our multi-disciplinary team of engineers, material and polymer experts, and skilled technicians. Whatever the project demands, we have a spectrum of world class talent to draw from. Share ideas. Brainstorm out-of-the box solutions. Question assumptions. Develop demonstrative prototypes. Gather feedback. It is a total collaborative process.

The result: Product concepts that target your well-understood objectives, challenges, and application requirements. All developed with a focus on its manufacturability and a solid understanding of the limits of the core technologies being used to manufacture it. Our IDEA (Innovation, Development, Engineering Accelerator) Medtec™ Process provides:

Purpose-Built Facilities, Designed To Inspire

The right environment is a catalyst for new thinking to emerge. That is why we built our three EPIC Medtec™ Centers from the ground up to spark creativity and innovation. The EPIC Medtec™ Centers are all about encouraging collaboration at all levels. There are concept development rooms where solutions are hatched, engineering areas for transforming ideas into products, video conferencing centers to promote communication, and well-equipped laboratories for 3-D printing, capability demonstration, prototype development, and product testing.

Ready to move to functional prototypes or device production? Our state-of-the-industry facilities allow us to quickly scale up to production.

*Source: David M. Anderson, PhD, 2014, “Design for Manufacturability: How to Use Concurrent Engineering to Rapidly Develop Low-Cost, High-Quality Products for Lean Production”, Productivity Press
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