Imagine The Possibilities

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it® at our EPIC Medtec® Centers. With our towering expertise and extensive capabilities, your great idea can be transformed into a market-ready device. Let’s get to work on your project.

Get To The Future Faster

Collaborate with our expert team at the EPIC Medtec Centers. Brainstorm solutions. Utilize our multi-step IDEA Medtec™ Process to incorporate your requirements. Result: A strong, well-defined device concept.

Device Development Reimagined

Create a market-ready device at our EPIC Medtec® Centers. This is device development accomplished in days…not weeks, months, or years!


This Is Device Development Accomplished In Days…Not Weeks, Months, Or Years


    With virtually everything you need under one roof, we can transform your idea into a device, focus on its design for manufacturability, and get it to market faster.


    Goodbye guess work. Hello data-driven decision making. Your device quickly takes shape thanks to the IDEA Medtec® Process and its powerful, analytic tools.


    Fact: 60% of a device’s cumulative lifetime cost is committed by the architectural phase.* Depend on us to help manage costs throughout the development and manufacturing cycles.

EPIC Medtec® Center: The Benefits are All Yours

Now Available: Virtual, Medical Device Development Services

Welcome To Device Development Reimagined

Think of Us as an Extension of Your R&D Team

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Suture and Performance Fiber Development

Catheter and Access Device Innovation

*Source: David M. Anderson, PhD, 2014, “Design for Manufacturability: How to Use Concurrent Engineering to Rapidly Develop Low-Cost, High-Quality Products for Lean Production”, Productivity Press

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