Multi-Lumen Tubing

Expand your product’s capabilities with custom-engineered tubing featuring numerous lumens or “channels” running through its profile. We offer many configurations allowing for passage of fluids or drugs, guidewires, and devices such as stents.

Customized Micro-Extrusion

Are you looking to shrink your devices while increasing functionality? Our micro-extrusion is the enabling technology. We can extrude tubing with micro-miniature ODs as small as 0.005″ and accomplish it in a variety of materials.

PTFE Extrusion Your Way

Teleflex Medical OEM is known worldwide for PTFE extrusion with outstanding tolerance control, length accuracy, and tubing consistency. Our expertise includes etched liners, multi-lumen tubing, and heat-shrink tubing.


Vertically Integrated Capabilities. Decades of Extrusion Experience. Deep Expertise.

  • Our Outstanding Balloon Tubing is known throughout the industry for consistent wall thickness and excellent concentricity.
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  • Meet with the Extrusion Experts at the MEDTEC Europe on April 4 to 6, 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany. Come to booth 1-i21.

Get A World of Extrusion Capabilities in One Resource

Teleflex Medical OEM is a global leader for precision extrusion in PTFE, FEP, PEEK and other high-performance fluoropolymers and thermoplastics. From heat-shrink tubing to multi-lumen tubing to ultra-thin PTFE liners, we produce extrusion with outstanding tolerance control, length accuracy, and tubing consistency.

We extrude fluoropolymers and thermoplastics used in the medical device industry to some of the tightest tolerances, with additional heat-shrink and etching capabilities. We can also fabricate braid- and coil-reinforced tubing in a broad selection of materials, sizes, and wall thicknesses. Co-extrusions are yet another area of expertise – for encapsulated stripes and multiple layers, for over coating of wires, and for combining dissimilar materials.

Complementing all of this, Teleflex Medical OEM offers leading-edge capabilities such as bonding or welding stem sections, softs tips, and atraumatic tips to tubing sections. Step grinding and center less grinding are available in-house, along with comprehensive finishing operations, including flaring, tipping, drilling, and hub molding.

Our team of highly-qualified engineers, material and polymer experts, and skilled technicians makes Teleflex Medical OEM stand above the rest. You can count on us to focus on design for manufacturability, provide regulatory support, and scale up for manufacturing. Teleflex Medical OEM offers you a true, full service partnership with virtually all the resources required to get your project off the drawing board and into the market.

There are plenty of extrusion suppliers in the world. But only Teleflex Medical OEM offers you a winning combination of vertically-integrated capabilities, deep expertise, decades of experience, and a history of industry-changing innovations. Let’s get to work on your project.

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