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Teleflex Medical OEM is a vertically integrated, suture and fiber producer with the capability to customize performance to your applications. We offer an extensive range of materials, sizes, coatings, pic counts, colors, and patterns to meet your requirements for strength, flexibility, and visability.

Force Fiber® OrthoTape® Braid

Low profile. Broad footprint. Strong, yet gentle on tissue. OrthoTape® Braid’s performance characteristics: outstanding! Great selection of sizes, colors, patterns.

Force Fiber Fusion® Suture

This suture integrates the performance characteristics of two constructs (flat braid and round suture) into one outstanding strand. It is strong, lubricious, and durable yet gentle on tissue.

Complex Braiding Structures

Look at this! Our innovative technology can create bi/tri/quad-furcated braided structures, which include “loops” or multiple, end branches.

Coated Polyester Suture

Lightly-coated, Polydek® suture is easy-to-handle and exhibits outstanding tensile strength and lubricity. Custom configurations upon request.

BLACK Force Fiber® Suture

NEW! Introducing a 100% UHMWPE suture with a distinct black coloration for better contrast against tissue. It’s also incredibly strong, durable, and nonabrasive.


Vast, In-House Capabilities. Decades of Experience. World Class Facilities.

  • Super Strong Force Fiber® Suture features our patented, coreless braid to grip right, hold tight.
  • Polyester Suture Portfolio. Easy to handle. Outstanding strength. Choose from coated and uncoated versions.
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Make your suture or fiber-based concept a reality with Teleflex Medical OEM. We are one of the world’s few, vertically integrated, full-line suture and fiber producers with the expertise and resources to customize product performance to your specific applications. Our ability to take your project from resin to fiber to component to suture to finished device makes Teleflex Medical OEM a true single source solution.

Teleflex Medical OEM has a history of innovation and technical expertise. We draw on our extensive range of materials (both absorbable and non-absorbable), sizes (USP/EP and custom), and coatings to meet your specific requirements for strength, flexibility, and handling. We also offer a large assortment of colors and patterns that allows for enhanced visibility and differentiation. In addition, our expertise at modifying PIC counts allows the design of advanced constructs.

Our expert team of highly-qualified engineers, material and polymer experts, and skilled technicians makes Teleflex Medical OEM stand above the rest. We can polymerize, extrude, braid, and tip in-house, and develop unique compounds and coatings. Many projects incorporate proprietary materials and our unique braid constructions for greater tensile strength, increased lubricity, and outstanding knot break strength.

Let’s get to work on your project. You can count on Teleflex Medical OEM to enhance your design, utilize the latest technologies and materials, provide regulatory support, and scale up for manufacturing. Teleflex Medical OEM offers you a true, full service partnership with the vertically integrated resources to get your project off the drawing board and into the market.

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